Hi! I’m Ankita Shinde, an artist, writer, educator.

Helping people express their truest (creative) selves fully and freely is my calling, my passion, my oxygen.

I am currently living in Kolkata, India, with my 6 year old Indian Pariah called Sketch, and husband Saptarshi, who runs a visual design studio and writes about design thinking in everyday life.

This blog is my virtual home, where I want to invite visitors from across the globe to come visit and stay as long as they please. 

What you will find on this blog:
– My current art challenge 11.04.19-11.04.20  (52 weeks, 52 art series, 14 artworks in each series, total 730 artworks in 365 days!)
– Daily gratitude posts
– Interviews with creative people that inspire me
– Daily rituals to aid a creative lifestyle
– Stuff that has helped me build a holistic creative life in terms of my writing, painting, health, mindset, relationships.

Welcome to my home, hope you find your inner creative child here.