As an educator, I have been working with Chembur Naka Mumbai Public School as a curriculum/creative advisor since July 2017. I am also a part of their SMC. I form innovative exercises and workshops to help the school achieve its targets of forwarding it’s students alongside the many challenges a government school faces in India.

I am currently working on forming a set of creative workshops for a varied age groups. Some will be executed in public and private schools across Mumbai, and some will be online. If you are someone interested in having me organize a workshop in your space, or are interested in attending in one, drop me a mail with the subject ‘Interested in your workshops’. And I will add you to a mailing list, which will keep you updated with news regarding my workshops.

I often shares stories and exercises on my Instagram stories; I love using social media as a way to reach a wider audience and share whatever little I know. I love having conversations with people around new methods of creating, learning, teaching and sharing.

Speaking Engagements
I love public speaking. I have to recharge in solitude for atleast four days before and after, but I absolutely love it. (Someone please help me expand my ‘love’ vocabulary)

  •  Kokum, Goa, 2015 : This was my first talk on my passion projects and body of work.
  •  F5, ThatZ It, Mumbai, 2017 : A talk on what my hearts beats for and how. I tried to weave together major aspects of how I live and create in this one.
  • ‘India Starts with I’, Karmyo, Khar Social, Mumbai, 2017 : Talk and art display about my story of starting PET A PROJECT – where we empower and enable everyone to take up pet projects to develop themselves and their communities with just the available resources; unveiling the creator, innovator and leader within every individual.
  • TEDx Bangalore, 2017 : Talk on Art – a way to express yourself.

P.S – I have a bunch of videos, ppts, and audios from the above talks. I will try and hunt them down and hyperlink here soon.

To book me for Speaking Engagements/Workshops, drop a mail on with the subject ‘Speaking/Workshop engagement’.