Creativity Coaching

“Helping people express their truest (creative) selves freely and fully is my calling, my passion, my oxygen.” – Ankita Shinde

A little about me and how I started being a creativity coach:
Teaching and creating have been calling me since my earliest memories. Since childhood I absolutely loved arts & crafts and teaching (yes, I used to teach when in school as well, right from kindergarten 🙂 ). I grew up to pursue B.F.A (Bachelor’s in fine art), followed by which I started a design studio: (ADAC studio) in 2015, which is currently a team of five passionate humans creating communication we are proud of through visual design. I had taken a year long sabbatical from ADAC studio in 2018 to explore what I am truly passionate about and what I want to spend my time alive on. While on my sabbatical, I met the artist and educator in me once again in a whole new manner. I took up being an artist, writer, creativity coach, in a more substantial manner since an year now. As an artist, I paint, write poetry, short stories, essays, and working on making books. As an educator, I have taught in a public school in Mumbai, my intention being holistic development of the kids coming from challenging backgrounds, creating a safe space for them and unleashing the creativity within each unique child. (The principal of that school signed up as my student and completed her course in mid March’19! I am overjoyed to share that and excited to see all that she goes on to create in her school post our coaching) I have also conducted private creative workshops by myself and with other organisations. I started exploring being a personal creativity coach in the first week of February’19 and we (my students and I) have been having such a transformational journey together. Among all the things I do, I find coaching the most challenging and also the most fulfilling. I feel alive. Grateful.

Sharing what I’ve learned and devised:
Even though I have been creating since I was 3 years old, I have faced many struggles, I am however also a great problem solver. My own problems made me an explorer and made me approach my life like a scientist. Along the many years behind me (I am 28 now) and even currently, I have learned innumerable ways to deal with the most common but grave problem monsters that have held my creativity back in their claws, I have formed various exercises of my own as well. Some of which I will be sharing with you during our coaching, hoping to set your creativity on fire, free and wild. Having said this, do I create because I don’t face blocks/fear/self doubt etc? No. I create inspite of all of them, and it gives me immense joy to give this gift to everyone around me.

What I do as a Creativity Coach:
– I have formed a 14 day course that creates the foundation of understanding one’s strengths, weaknesses, becoming aware of blocks if any, learning how to befriend them and work with/around them, in order to set your creative child free and wild! The exercises are 90% common for every student, and 10% modified by me on a case by case basis. Over emails, during the course, I will be sharing lots of creative exercises, lots of tools to identify and release blocks, tools to keep creating freely, worksheets etc. It’s a power pack of stuff that has worked for me personally in all these years.
– The highlight of doing this first set of 7 coaching sessions spread across 14 days with me is my customized detailed feedback over calls. These are 7 intensive 40 minute calls which have been of high value to students in the past.
– A lot of the exercises are common to many, but the exercises are designed in a way that they will help each one in a way that is unique to them. Because these are subjective exercises with multiple possible outcomes and that’s what makes the whole process so unique and magical for each of my students.

In a gist what the 14 day program entails is:
1) 7 emails with exercises on alternate days.
2) 7 one on one 40 minute coaching calls with me.

Fee for 14 day personal creativity course: 7,000 INR

Fee for 14 day group creativity course: 3,000 INR

Long term coaching:
Post this 14 day course, you can decide whether you want to continue personal creativity coaching with me, if yes in what frequency (two sessions a week is what most students opt for). I have a bunch of long term clients. But as this option will be open for you only after you complete the basic 14 day course with me, we can discuss the details of this at the point.

Time Commitment required:
– The time required is not important here in this course. What is required is intention. Intention will be unique to every individual. Some may want to create anything as they haven’t created in a long time due to a block, some may want to take their existing creativity to the next level, some may want to learn how to create in the face of self doubt/fear of judgement, and so on. The questionnaire below will help you identify your intention/s.
– Know that it is totally normal to feel afraid about not being able to give the time. That’s most common in all my students at the beginning, considering 90% of them have full time jobs and are hustling along with blocks already. But eventually they learn that intention matters more than time, and they learn how to be creative in their current circumstance and not approach creativity as a weekend retreat, but how to infact be that in the middle of the week, in the middle of all the happy, sad, high low feelings.
– You may choose to spend 3 hours each day, or 30 mins each day on the exercises. On an average, my students spend around 90 – 120 minutes spread across the day doing the exercises. It totally depends on your unique situation and requirement. So don’t worry about the time commitment. Your only job is to be intentional through the course. I strongly believe time is not linear and that it expands in magical ways when we are intentional.

Who is my creativity coaching for:
– For anyone and everyone who wants to explore their relationship with their inner creative child and feel we are a right fit for each other after filling the questionnaire.
– You might be 10 yr old or 90+. I am equally thrilled to work and explore and discover your unique creative self with you.
– To give you a broad idea, my student-clients who have worked with me are from varied backgrounds working on varied areas. Some of which were:
– a writer who wanted to achieve some sort of discipline in order to work on and publish her book this year, also work on learning how to handle self doubt and fear of judgement.
– a nutritionist who also doodles, who feels blocked in creating up to her potential, worked with me to unblock the various blocks and is on her journey to launch her Instagram account regarding informational doodles on daily foods.
– a film producer who felt stuck and unable to create just for the joy of creating without feeling pressurized. Also wanted to gain love of creating to create daily and get into an additional passion of script writing. She has opted for an ongoing personal coaching with me.
– a graphic designer who works as a freelancer, having lost the joy of creating, crippled by perfectionism and fear of judgement, wanted to gain some daily rhythm and joy back.
– a psychology student, aspiring teacher, feeling blocked and finding herself operating with fear, ending up with experiencing freedom and tools to work around the various moods.
– a design Studio Founder, feeling stuck in the current model, wanting to be creative with the approach towards work leading to increased innovation and also revenue.
– a student feeling uninspired to do anything in life, fully clueless, wanted to find inspiration in my coaching, but ended up finding herself. 🙂
– an assistant creative director at an ad agency, feeling stopped in creating her personal projects with the fear of ‘log kya kahengey’, now being unstoppable, creating and sharing daily, and spreading the contagious creativity among her office colleagues as well.
– a journalist wanting to document the stories experienced last year in the form of a book, but unable to do so, feeling overwhelmed, frozen and numb, understanding the reason behind the frozenness and letting it melt and have creativity flow again, is on the way to publish that book this year!- These are just a few examples among the many.

Unleashing creativity itself, not a creative language:
– Understand that, this is a course in ‘creativity’ itself and not in specific creative languages. Creative languages are many, some examples: painting, singing, cooking, dancing, gardening, and also creating a business, creating a brand, creating a voice etc.
– However, as we touch upon your core creative self, and work on freeing it, it is only natural for you to start automatically play around with different creative languages to express your unique creative self. Even though I won’t be working on a specific creative language, you will end up becoming fluent in the creative language/s of your choice. 🙂

Consultation call:
– If you are interested, but not sure if this is for you, I suggest you request for a paid consultation call with me.
– It will be a 50 minute call. You will need to pay 1,000 INR in advance to book a call appointment with me.
– On this call, you can ask me whatever doubts you have, share your journey with the ups and downs and express what you want for yourself through this intention based creativity course. I will then address your doubts and share a gist of what and how we will work together during the 14 days.
– I would highly recommend you to answer the questionnaire included at the bottom of this email before getting on a call with me. It will help both of us to make sure we have a productive call.

Knowing you and your needs:
Before I plan how to go about coaching you, I would need you to help me with understanding your needs better. I have formed a short questionnaire for you. Do take some quiet time out to introspect and answer the questions in as much detail as you can (Maybe go to a park below your house with your phone to answer these questions alone, or go to a cafe/library/lake/a quiet corner in your own house/whatever has you focused and aligned with your own being.). Some questions may appear repetitive. They are so intentionally. As sometimes, a different way of asking a question or a different set of words trigger a person’s mind to open up. My intention is to understand you as much as I can and have this coaching have a long lasting impact on your life way beyond the duration of your coaching.


1: Why do you feel the need to have a 1:1 creativity coach? (Are you facing any specific problem in your life/creativity currently? Are you simply eager to have a new experience? Do you want to take your existing creative journey to the next level? Anything else?)

2: Have you ever had a creative coach/mentor in your life before? (It could be a professional coach or a friend/family member who acted as one.) If yes, who and for what area/subject?

3. What are the factors you would consider before choosing a creativity coach for you?

4: What is it that you wish to achieve at the end of 7 days with me? (Are you working on a project that you are struggling with, which you need clarity on in these 7 days? Are you not creating anything for a while? Are you facing a creative block and want to unblock yourself and get creating? Or anything else?)

5: What are your preferred mediums of creating? (Do you paint, draw, photograph, write, compose music, create food recipes, create poetry, create stronger teams by managing them etc)

6: When was the last time you experienced being creative? (Write down as vividly as you can the whole scenario)

7: Why do you struggle with creativity? What comes in between you creating? (What are the thoughts that go on in your mind?)

8: How often would you like to create or be creative?

9: How important is creativity to you? Why?

10: What is your profession? Do you need to be creative in your profession? When, why, how?

11: What are your hobbies?

12: You will consider the week long coaching with me a success, having achieved____________.

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