Finding peace in the whimsical journey of discovery.

As I am weaving this new site of mine, I thought I should take a few moments to reflect back on my journey since 2012. A journey determined to attain clarity, blurring itself into discovering the whimsical joy of the process.

I graduated with BFA (Applied/Commercial Arts) from Rachana Sansad College of Applied Art and Craft, Mumbai University in 2012. My first job as a graphic designer was at Beard Design Studio in Goa. In 2013, I returned to Mumbai and started my freelance career as a graphic designer and illustrator. I also launched my website the same year. After working for about 3 years, I realized I had only one pair of hands and eyes, and 24 hours in a day, although my mind didn’t fall short at all thanks to my OCTD. That’s when I started my small visual design studio in April 2016. Slowly formed a team of 4-5 designers and we worked together for an year in a physical studio space in Chembur, Mumbai. In mid 2017, I didn’t quite like something about it. Although I loved my team and the clients and the work we did. But something didn’t match with my style of working and living. That’s when I shut down the physical studio space. This was also the period when I grew increasingly interested in teaching and social impact projects. Mid to almost end 2017 I took a complete break from commercial projects, to sit back and reflect upon my journey so far, and enquire into what was it that was disturbing me inspite of everything being pretty damn good. Months passed but I couldn’t fully wrap my head around things. I decided to just wake up each day and do what I would love doing that day. And I saw my soul really light up when I painted, wrote poetry, scribbled short stories, mentored a few designers/artists. Then I slowly resumed doing ADAC work around March 2018. In my absence during my break, my husband Saptarshi took over ADAC and worked with a bunch of designers remotely on the ongoing long term projects and also started up some new ones by himself. This time when I returned back to ADAC, it was different. I took up only art directing and conceptualizing. On rare occasions, only for selected projects I myself took on fully executing/ illustrating.

Now I balance my time between painting canvases, papers, writing poetry, stories, dreaming of creative workshops, teaching, and creatively directing ADAC and it’s projects. I still don’t think I have achieved the clarity that I wished to, when I had commenced on my sabbatical. However, now, I feel more at peace with my journey of discovering and exploring. One main outtake was also to accept the way my mind and body like to create and live – I prefer spending major part of my days alone in solitude. Ofcourse I love people, I love public speaking and teaching which involves being around a large number of people. But I cannot manage that on a daily basis. Atleast not yet. Nor do I see the need to. I feel very happy now working from my home studio, in my own whimsical world. It is allowing me to work with even more clients on even more projects, with an even larger team of talented designers remotely, each able to manage their own worlds as per their own rules. I have so much more time to paint canvases, write my heart out, consider teaching, form creative workshops and work with NGOs across the globe doing some ground breaking work. Ofcourse a large part of this couldn’t have been possible without my then boyfriend and now husband Saptarshi, who kept hearing my struggles, dreams, ambitions, fears and all the jumble. And slowly through one conversation at a time, I intended to detangle it all, but ended up playing along with the jumble as is.

While all of this was happening, was completely neglected and felt abandoned. I think the last I updated it was in 2015. And till date I keep getting visitors and messages on it. I had stopped relating to that website long time ago. Been trying to revamp it since 2 years, but nothing seemed quite right. I guess it was the constant battle between my personal website and my studio website. But now, I feel the need to have an online home for my thoughts, and daily creative experiments. And I am glad that it is slowly falling into place. All my commercial work will be stacked on, this space will be shared with the extended ADAC team. And will be my personal blog/website, where I am slowly making peace with my journey of discovering my creative expression. For now you will find a lot of art series, poetry, stories, personal ramblings, Q&A, online shop with select products, upcoming workshops, talks, giveaways, on-going projects etc here. I’m going to try to express myself as authentically as I can in this renewed space. Would love to have you all, who have kept supporting me in the past, walk-hop-skip-fly along with me in my whimsical creative space. x

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